Alas, the 2016 2017 Tour Will Not Happen

2015 Tour of Navidad Valley

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Ride the TNV Routes
Just because there’s no event for 2017 doesn’t mean that you can’t ride the routes. Click here to download the maps for the 20-, 40- and 70-mile routes used in 2015. You must keep in mind to use a different starting point (Jordan Ranch is a private establishment), there will be no SAG help unless you provide it yourself, and you must use the roads at your own peril as we have not checked their conditions since the 2015 event. The maps are solely to be used as a convenience for cyclists; beyond that, we are not responsible for the cyclists’ actions or the condition of the routes.

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…But, We May be Back for 2017 2018...
It is with great regret to announce that there will be no Tour of Navidad Valley event in 2016 2017. However, it is our hope that we will be back in 2017 2018, so please stay tuned to this web site or join our Facebook page. Thanks for your patience, apologies for the lack of a 2016 2017 event, and we hope to see you in 2017 2018!

…If We Can Find Help
The reason that there has been no event from 2016-17 is that sponsorship and manpower has dried up. The few of us left on the operational side would like to continue the event and remain a part of it, but we need help. If you have an idea as to how, please drop us a line.

About the Tour of Navidad Valley
Heaven and Earth may very well be defined as springtime in the Navidad Valley region around Schulenburg, Texas, where the fiery wildflowers break out the beautiful rolling farmlands and near the Painted Churches. For cyclists of all skill levels, the Tour of Navidad Valley is an invitation to ride through this blissful land at its most colorful and serene. Whether you are tuning up for Texas' major cycling events or playing the weekend warrior on wheels, the Tour of Navidad Valley will take your breath away via the area's panoramic splendor.





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